Health and Safety

Pogles Wood Explorers holds Public Liability Insurance and carries out a Risk Assessment for formally used sites. We highly recommend that you look in to purchasing your own Insurance for any unforseen accidents and/or injuries. We are unable to give refunds due to sickness or other family emergencies.

Pogles Wood Explorers activities usually take place in woodlands and green spaces, so by their very nature are not entirely free from hazard. We make every effort to minimise risk to participants and ensure that Health & Safety issues are identified and communicated. As such Pogles Wood Explorers accepts no responsibility for accidents or injury and that participants take part in our activities at their own risk. Pogles Wood Explorers reserves the right to exclude any person whose behaviour endangers themselves or others, and is deemed inappropriate.

Health and Safety
At Pogles Wood Explorers, we take Health and Safety very seriously. All staff are DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checked, qualified group leaders and carry a First Aid kit at all times.

Participants Health and Fitness
The activities offered by Pogles Wood Explorers may be strenuous at times, but are within the capabilities of children and adults in good health. Participants should ensure that they are in a satisfactory state of health before booking. Participants are requested to provide any relevant medical and dietary information at the time of booking so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Medical Emergency Consent
I authorise any Pogles Wood Explorers staff holding a current first aid certificate to administer first aid treatment to my child/children. This may be in the form of minor or major life saving treatment. I authorise Pogles Wood Explorers to consent to any X-ray, examination, anaesthetic, diagnosis, treatment, and/or hospital care that may be recommended by a licensed physician or dentist. For minor illnesses or injuries, I understand that Pogles Wood Explorers will attempt to contact the parents/guardian at the earliest practicable opportunity. For major illnesses or injuries, Pogles Wood Explorers will attempt to contact the parents/guardian before the commencement of any medical treatment, unless the child’s condition is such that treatment must be commenced immediately before contact with the parents/guardian can be made. Even if the parents/guardian cannot be reached, this authorisation remains in full force and effect.

About Pogles

Pogles Wood Explorers is an outdoor learning centre based in a lovely Dorset woodland with a rich and diverse ecology offering a wide range of activities for children and adults.

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